Ericsson takes "positives" from F1 test with Alfa Romeo

03-07-2019 09:00
by Bobby Vincent
Ericsson takes positives from F1 test with Alfa Romeo

Marcus Ericsson has revealed he is taking "only positives" from his Formula 1 test outing with Alfa Romeo in Austria on Tuesday.

Ericsson was dumped from the Alfa Romeo team at the end of last season, but kept his place as a reserve driver for this season - with the Swedish driver's focus turning to IndyCar.

With teams taking part in a Pirelli test in Austria on Tuesday, Ericsson will have a chance to once again drive a Formula 1 car and he says he is not worried about the outing potentially bringing back bad memories.

"I don't think so," Ericsson replied to, when asked if the test would remind him what he's missing this season. "I'm super happy in IndyCar, I'm really enjoying that experience, and at the same time I'm really happy to still have a connection here in F1. Let's see what happens in the future.

"But the bottom line is as a racing driver, the more you drive in different cars, you can always learn something, you can always pick up things, and I will gain as a racing driver as a whole. I think it's only positives.

"Obviously, my main focus this year is on the IndyCar programme, but I get the chance to help the Alfa team in any way. Obviously it will be a Pirelli test, so it's more for the tyres, but still if I can give some feedback on how the car feels, and how I feel about the car, that would obviously be helpful for the team as well, to get another input."

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