"If these things are not allowed, what's the point of being in Formula One"

30-06-2019 15:48
by Nicolás Quarles van Ufford
If these things are not allowed, what's the point of being in Formula One

Race winner Max Verstappen has come out to defend his race-winning overtake on Charles Leclerc, saying if hard racing is not allowed, "what's the point of being in Formula One."

Verstappen's race was nothing short of sensational, dropping all the way down to P7 after an awful start, but making his way up the grid again as the race progressed, and finally overtaking Leclerc for the lead. 

The two 21-year-olds banged wheels as Verstappen overtook Leclerc at turn three, causing an investigation from the FIA stewards. 

The Dutchman explains his view on the incident and looks back on an epic drive from himself to win his sixth Grand Prix.

"Well after that start I thought the race was over but we kept pushing hard and I got a flat spot on my tyre," Verstappen told Martin Brundle on the grid.

"After the pit stop, [we] were flying and we had the pace to make the pass [on Leclerc].

"Extremely happy and for Honda to win again here is incredible."

Talking about the incident with Leclerc, Verstappen was clear.

"It's hard racing. If those things are not allowed in racing then what's the point in being in Formula 1."

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