Hamilton lays in to Red Bull's adaptability

26-06-2019 09:00 | Updated: 26-06-2019 11:10
by Bobby Vincent
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Hamilton lays in to Red Bull's adaptability

Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton has been very criticial of Red Bull Racing's lack of adaptation to different type of Formula 1 circuits.

Hamilton is at Mercedes - who has won every single one of the eight races so far this season - with its nearest competitor being Ferrari. Red Bull are behind Ferrari but have given the Italian team a real test this season.

However, the five-time world champion has been very critical of Red Bull, claiming they are "very good" at Monaco and Hungary, but they fail to change philosophy for other circuits.

"The goal is to have a car that works well on all circuits," Hamilton explained to reporters in France. "If you look at Red Bull, they were very good in the past and they are still in Monaco and Hungary, but they still hold onto the same philosophy.

"For some reason, they continue to drive that huge 'rake' of the car. The air resistance that you create with this is not suitable for everything. We adjust ourselves every year. We do not automatically assume that we are right and also look at what others have done. It seems that other teams don't do that."

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