F1 race director open to rewriting rules for 2020

25-06-2019 10:15
by Bobby Vincent
F1 race director open to rewriting rules for 2020

Formula 1 race director Michael Masi is up for rewriting some of the rule changes if the teams believe that is the correct thing to do.

There has been much controversy over the regulations of F1 in recent times, with many fans hoping for the sport to become more competitive once again. The one time where it looked like a team other than Mercedes won a race this season was in Canada.

Sebastian Vettel crossed the line at the Canadian Grand Prix in first-place, but was awarded a controversial five-second penalty for rejoining the track in an "unsafe manner". Lewis Hamilton was gifted the win instead and it has prompted the sport to rethink how to deal with incidents such as these.

Masi has not ruled out the chance of any changes to happen if the majority feel as if the proposed 2021 changes can be improved. Asked by Motorsport.com whether or not the rules about rejoining the track changed at all after the race in Montreal, Masi said: "We treat them (the rules) exactly the same.

"My view is we have got a rule book there, and the rule book is the one we have got for the entire 2019 season. I don't think it would be wise in any sport to change anything mid-year.

"But is it something that you can look at, like with any rule book? Absolutely. I think we are always constantly evolving with everything."

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