Hulkenberg thinks F1 has found solution to aero problem

25-06-2019 10:00
by Bobby Vincent
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Hulkenberg thinks F1 has found solution to aero problem

Nico Hulkenberg thinks Formula 1 has found a way to resolve its aerodynamic problems that stops cars from being able to run closely to each other ahead of the 2021 regulation changes.

Prior to the French Grand Prix at the weekend, Hulkenberg joined Lewis Hamilton at an FIA meeting with the plans presented to the two drivers, and they included the aerodynamic changes to try and improve the frequency of overtaking in the sport.

"I have faith that on the aero side, which is the most important, that will be corrected and adjusted in the right side," Hulkenberg revealed to RaceFans. "(These cars) are fast and they are spectacular. The problem is that you cannot get close to a car and this is one of the worst tracks for it because it's always third or fourth gear," the Renault driver said of Circuit Paul Ricard.

"The speeds are quite high and the aero effect is just massive. I mean that's what I did just spending one and a half, I was experiencing that shit. But I think for the 2021 rules, that hopefully will be addressed properly that you know we can have a track like this but with much better racing."

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