Red Bull to turn engine up before qualifying?

22-06-2019 13:12
by Adam Newton
F1 News
Red Bull to turn engine up before qualifying?

Christian Horner has suggested the Red Bull may have not been showing their true pace in practice and may be able to turn the engine up to have a real go at today's qualifying session in France.

The team could only manage fifth and sixth for Max Verstappen and Pierre Gasly respectively in FP3, but Horner will be hoping that Honda's new Spec-3 engine could be packing more of a punch than it seems.

He told Sky Sports F1 after FP3: “All ok at the moment. The numbers are coming through on the car as expected.”

“Engine-wise, we have run pretty safe so far so we’ll get to see a bit more this afternoon in qualy when you take the fuel out and turn it up. We will see where we are at.

“We are trying to push the engine harder in that area of qualifying and that’s where a lot of focus and effort is going in to. It will be the next engine that sees a step in that area.”

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