Pirelli boss: The drivers can push for the whole race in France!

17-06-2019 19:00
by Bobby Vincent
Pirelli boss: The drivers can push for the whole race in France!

Pirelli boss Mario Isola has revealed the drivers will be able to "push for the whole race" when the French Grand Prix gets underway on Sunday afternoon.

According to Isola, the choice of tyres for this weekend's race in France, has ensured the drivers to race as fast as possible throughout the whole race. There has been much criticism over Pirelli's compounds this season, with teams often focussing more on managing its tyres because of wear and tear.

However, Pirelli has opted to use a much more conservative selection for the weekend: "Our tyre selection is a bit more conservative this weekend compared to last year. Last year, we had the supersoft, ultrasoft tyres, but the supersoft is no longer part of our range. This allows the drivers to race faster from the start to the finish.

"Last year, we used thinner tyres in France. So, this year we can see exactly how the cars have evolved. Almost the entire circuit has been re-paved, but this will have little influence on the characteristics of the circuit.

"Because this is only the second time we have been on this circuit (Circuit Paul Ricard), the teams have a lot to learn. We have already used this circuit for a test before, but that was on a much shorter circuit composition."

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