Toto Wolff suggests F1 should leave the rules alone in order to close the gap

16-06-2019 09:57
by Matt Gretton
Toto Wolff suggests F1 should leave the rules alone in order to close the gap

The Mercedes boss has suggested that Formula 1 should leave the rules alone because stability will help close the field. Toto Wolff believes the F1 bosses need to learn lessons from past changes to the regulations and rules.

The new rules and regulations, set to hit the sport in 2021, are aimed at making the cars get closer to each other, making the sport more exciting and competitive.

It took a while for both Mercedes and Ferrari to get on board, particularly with the budget cap. But while Wolff and his team are ready to accept the changes, he's not sure they'll achieve their intended targets.

"The standard reaction in the past, when a team or the big three teams went off with the championship, is that we change the rules, because you believe that by changing the rules, others can catch up," he started to explain to Motorsport.

"I think it is exactly the other way around, and that is contrary to intuition, that the performance eventually comes naturally to each other with stability. be stable, and I think if we left the chassis rules alone, more teams would be closer together."

Wolff goes on to make his own suggestion about how to get the field to move closer together. And that is to leave the rules untouched.

"The only way to do that is to leave the rules alone. Every time you change the rules, the big teams will drive away with more resources," he added.

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