Hamilton on Seb penalty: "Unfortunate" but "you're supposed to come back safely"

09-06-2019 20:50
by Joseph Tyrrell
Hamilton on Seb penalty: Unfortunate but you're supposed to come back safely

Lewis Hamilton has reflected on the events of the Canadian Grand Prix which saw Sebastian Vettel handed a five-second penalty after the incident on lap 48.

After Vettel made a mistake and ran onto the grass at turn three his re-entry was deemed unsafe and the stewards handed him a five-second penalty. The penalty cost him his and Ferrari's first win of the season as Mercedes' winning run goes on.

"It was unfortunate, but this is motor racing," Hamilton told Martin Brundle.

"I took the corner normally but when you come back on the track you're not supposed to go straight on the racing line, you're supposed to come back safely.

"That's his opinion of course, I took the corner normally when you come back on the track you're not supposed to go onto the racing line."

The result was Hamilton's seventh win in Montreal and it was completely unexpected but gratefully taken as he managed the gap in the closing stages of the race excellently. Vettel's misery was spared a little as Charles Leclerc was unable to close the gap enough to finish second ahead of Vettel.

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