Kevin Magnussen says it's "better to start from the pit lane"

09-06-2019 13:07
by Louis Shaw
Kevin Magnussen says it's better to start from the pit lane

Kevin Magnussen is positive about starting from the pitlane as he believes having a fresh set of tyres could set him apart from his rivals. The Haas driver crashed during Q2 and had to have major repairs to his car meaning that he starts from the pitlane. He will hope to try and get some points during the race. 

"I was P10 and into Q3, so I would have started on the C5 tyre," Magnussen said to GPToday. "With a penalty, I would be P15 on the C5, so it might be better to start from the pit lane. 

"I felt like we're there in the mix with the McLarens and Renaults, but we're slightly on the back foot compared to Monaco."

When asked about his incident in Q2 Magnussen explained what happened. 

"I had a snap and brushed the wall, it wasn't even that hard," Magnussen said. "I caught the wall with the rim so it just blew the rim and took the tyre off the rim and saved me over to the other side of the road.

"I didn't expect to spin like that but because the outside of the rim had been blown off, it turned me around. 

"I didn't think it would be a problem because when I had the snap, it might hit but I thought 'it's going to be fine'."

The Haas has been repaired and is ready to start the race from the pitlane. They will hope that a points finish is on the table and that they can salvage a good result. 

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