FIA propose new rules and are set to change weekend structure

06-06-2019 16:57
by Louis Shaw
FIA propose new rules and are set to change weekend structure

The FIA has proposed a new regulation that would come into place in 2021 seeing the teams not being allowed to work on the car from Friday onwards. It is all part of Formula 1's plans to become more exciting and competitive in the future and provide a greater experience for the fans. As well as this, the race weekend will be shortened to create a more compact spectacle. 

Formula 1 is having a makeover and part of this is changing the way the weekend is structured. Thursday's media session will be removed with everything being done on Friday. This means Friday will become a busier day with the press conference, technical inspection in the morning and two practice sessions in the afternoon. 

Additionally, teams are not allowed to make changes to their car after the inspection on Friday morning. If a car crashes then teams have to replace parts with exactly the same specification. 

The new rules have created controversy as a small detail cannot be changed on the car after Friday. It could mean that there are some more exciting moments throughout the weekend and the aim of these rule changes are to enhance the spectator experience. 

We will have to wait and see if these rule changes will be successful but it seems that Formula 1 is taking a step in the right direction. 

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