Ericsson hoping to test for Alfa Romeo at some point

04-06-2019 16:40
by Bevan Youl
Ericsson hoping to test for Alfa Romeo at some point

Marcus Ericcson is hoping to fulfill his role as reserve driver for Alfa Romeo by taking part in a test drive some point during this season.

Ericsson made a switch from Formula 1 to IndyCar at the end of last year after Kimi Raikkonen and Antonio Giovinazzi were signed on.
But the Swede was kept as part of the team with the reserve driver role whilst driving in IndyCar.
Ericsson said to RACER: “I’m hoping I can do a test during the season at some point just to keep me up to date with the cars and everything.

“That’s what I’ve been pushing for when I’ve been speaking to them, just to try and get in the car for a test day.

“There’s nothing confirmed yet but the plans is — as far as I know — when my season is finished here I will try and go to quite a few of the races left on the F1 calendar to be there with the team.

“That’s the good thing about IndyCar — it finishes in September and then I can still go to a few of the races in F1 after that.

“So I think that’s the plan and then we’ll take it from there.”

Ericsson is fairly certain that he would be on tyre testing duties for Pirelli when he takes part as current drivers Raikkonen and Giovinazzi would have to give up their own track time for testing.

“Nothing is decided yet but that’s sort of what I’m pushing for,” he added.

“I’m still the reserve there, so it would make sense for me to get some track time in case something would happen, but FP1 is hard to take from a race driver.

“I’m more looking at trying to get a test somewhere and then focus on how I’m doing over here.”

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