Ferrari could recall Alfa technical director Simone Resta

24-05-2019 13:31 | Updated: 24-05-2019 13:55
by Nicolás Quarles van Ufford
Ferrari could recall Alfa technical director Simone Resta

Ferrari team principal Mattia Binotto has revealed the team is already thinking about bringing back Simone Resta, who has moved to Alfa Romeo to become the team's technical director.

Resta, formerly occupying the 'head of vehicle project coordination' position at the Scuderia, moved on to (then) Alfa Romeo Sauber last year, as the Swiss-Italian outfit were looking to make the leap from being one of the backmarkers of the grid.

Alfa Romeo have continued their good form of last season into the current campaign, with Kimi Raikkonen in particular shining bright in the C38.

In Monaco, Binotto revealed Ferrari are looking at bringing back Resta at some point in the future.

"As a team, no doubt we are always trying to improve ourselves by looking where maybe we miss strengths," he told

"Simone has been in Ferrari in the past. He moved to be Alfa Romeo's technical director, he's having a great experience.

"We are evaluating him to be back at a certain stage. It's not something we've decided. We've covered his role currently in Maranello anyway, so it's not a plug-in situation.

"It's true that we are thinking, as we are thinking for other people that may join or may leave. As an organisation it's always very dynamic, and that's normal."

There has been quite a lot of turnover at Ferrari recently in personnel, with Binotto himself manning a different position compared to last year, as he has become the new team principal as well as his former job as technical director.

"A lot of us moved into new roles recently," he added.

"In that respect we are quite a young team. It has got advantages no doubt, because it means fresh ideas, maybe some more creativity, it means some dynamic way of thinking and developing.

"But also we need to assess our organisation, get more experience in the role and make sure that as a team overall we are growing in that respect."

"Since I move to the team principal we reorganised a bit internally, because I need to be supported, especially on the technical side.

"It is not any more the same team but it is not really true that I have a double role."

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