"I don’t like Monaco at all" says Kimi Raikkonen

24-05-2019 09:32
by Louis Shaw
I don’t like Monaco at all says Kimi Raikkonen

Kimi Raikkonen is not a fan of the new Monaco layout and instead prefers the track before it changed. The Finn believes that Monaco used to be more about the driver but now whoever has the fastest car will win. The Alfa Romeo driver will hope that he can perform well around the track that he doesn't like and continue his impressive run. 

“It might be a nice place to watch, but honestly I don’t like Monaco at all,” said Raikkonen to GrandPX.

“It is no longer the track that I drove when I was here for the first time,” he said.

The swimming pool corner was tighter, the first corner had a barrier, and the rest was changed as well,” Raikkonen explained.

“Before, the driver was able to make a difference here, but not anymore,” he added. “Now, the fast car is always at the top.”

Monaco is one of the most iconic Grand Prix weekends on the calendar. It is a shame that the drivers feel that it is not as good a circuit as it once was but itis still an incredible spectacle.  

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