Hockenheim desperate to have Schumacher involved during F1 weekend

20-05-2019 09:10
by Adam Newton
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Hockenheim desperate to have Schumacher involved during F1 weekend

Despite Sebastian Vettel’s success in F1, interest in the sport has been declining ever since the retirement of Michael Schumacher, and with Vettel seemingly nowhere near title contention this season, ticket sales are feared to be even lower than before.

However, one thing that could possibly save the ticket sales could be Michael Schumacher’s son, Mick.

Mick Schumacher is driving in F2 for Prema Racing this season and is part of the Ferrari driver academy, and German fans are excited about his potential.

This has led organisers to try and get the 19-year old to be part of the weekend in any way they can.

Hockenheim’s marketing boss, Jorn Teske, told Motorsport.com: "There could maybe be a test, or a demonstration run in an old Ferrari from his father, or whatever.

"We would like to see him on the track in an F1 car. That's important."

Teske added that the circuit tried to convince Formula 2 to stage a round at Hockenheim after Schumacher was announced for the Prema team.

He added: "We made the decision makers aware very early that this is important for the German race.

"We told them when Mick won the F3 championship at our race in Hockenheim, we told them when it was announced that he's racing for Prema in F2. We tried to convince them and made a lot of pressure.

"When the F2 calendar was published, we were really disappointed.

"I know there were efforts afterwards from Liberty Media, that's good. I think they realised lately the importance of Mick for Germany, the big enthusiasm Mick is bringing to the sport and to Germany. Maybe at that time it was too late."

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