Pirelli to work on tyres with "wider working range" in near future

19-05-2019 15:05
by Nicolás Quarles van Ufford
Pirelli to work on tyres with wider working range in near future

Pirelli head of racing Mario Isola has confirmed that the tyre manufacturers will focus on making the compound have a "wider range" so teams have it easier to get in an optimal temperature window.

Haas F1, in particular, have been a victim of not finding the right temperature window, especially during races. The American team have qualified in the top 10 with both cars on all but one occasion (Baku) but have struggled massively to score any points, with grip falling off massively during races.

Ferrari have also been struggling with tyres this season, particularly on the softer compounds and thus in qualifying. While Pirelli is aware of the issue, Isola thinks it's hard to solve.

"Obviously I take any comments coming from the teams on board," he told Motorsport.

"Narrower or not, they are asking for a wider working range. What is clear is that we have to work in the future to have a wider working range.

"Obviously we are designing new tyres for 2020, and also for 2021 considering the plan to remove blankets. So we are changing the approach in how we design the compounds."

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