"Not good" that Max Verstappen gets "zero pressure" from Pierre Gasly

17-05-2019 15:18
by Nicolás Quarles van Ufford
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Not good that Max Verstappen gets zero pressure from Pierre Gasly

Where the teammates at Ferrari and Mercedes are heaving heavy battles for superiority, this is certainly not the case at Red Bull Racing. Max Verstappen is dominant at the team compared to Pierre Gasly, and former Red Bull driver David Coulthard doesn't think this is good for the team.

Where Verstappen has arguably been one of the drivers of the season so far (if not the best), this certainly hasn't been the case for Gasly. The Frenchman has needed an adaptation period at his new team after getting promoted from Toro Rosso, and he's not put any pressure on Verstappen whatsoever. 

Where the difference between Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas and between Sebastian Vettel and Charles Leclerc is a mere seven points, Verstappen is streets ahead of Gasly. The split is 45 points, and Gasly is yet to beat Verstappen in qualifying this season after five tries.

You could give Verstappen an incredible amount of credit for this, as the Dutchman is somehow third in the championship above both Ferrari's, but part of the blame has to go to Gasly as well.

David Coulthard argues that this isn't good for the Bulls.

"Max Verstappen has zero pressure from Pierre Gasly," he tells Auto Bild.

"He hasn't arrived yet. This is not good.

"We all want the hard team duels. Senna and Prost, Lewis and Nico [Rosberg], and now Charles and Seb."

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