Steiner jokes: "Maybe we should get a point for the most entertaining"

17-05-2019 09:49
by Matt Gretton
Steiner jokes: Maybe we should get a point for the most entertaining

Guenther Steiner believes the little contact between Haas drivers gave the Spanish Grand Prix some entertainment and jokingly said Haas should get a championship point for it!

Kevin Magnussen and Romain Grosjean had a mini tangle on track, which could have produced some tension. To defuse the atmosphere, Steiner reveals what he did.

"They have a good relationship. I just wanted to make sure neither of them would say something to annoy the other. So I pulled them in just after the race and we talked about it for maybe 15 minutes," Steiner told BT newspaper.

"I told them that I'm not going to sit there until midnight to find out who is to blame. I think it gave extra spice to a race that had become a bit boring honestly. We should get something for it. You get a point for the fastest lap, but maybe we should get a point for the most entertaining!"

For those who watched the Netflix documentary, well, Steiner could have been worse...

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