Lewis Hamilton on Mercedes' dominance: "It's not our fault we're good at our job"

15-05-2019 18:58
by Louis Shaw
F1 News
Lewis Hamilton on Mercedes' dominance: It's not our fault we're good at our job

Lewis Hamilton has responded to claims that the sport has got boring but says that it is not Mercedes fault that they are so dominant. The Silver Arrows have won every race so far this season and fans have started to criticize the competitiveness of the sport. Hamilton says that the other teams need to improve and bring the fight to them. 

"Staying focused is pretty easy but it is not as much fun as when you are competing against another team - that is was F1 is about,” Hamilton said to Crash.net when asked if the team could get complacent after their recent performances. 

“When you arrive and you are competing against other teams who are bringing their A game and you have another two drivers and that puts a spanner in the mix.

“When that is not there it is definitely a lot less exciting from a competition point of view, racing within a team...it is not how F1 should be, but it is what it is right now and it has been like that in the past. But it is not our fault these guys are good at their jobs."

Mercedes look set to pick up another world title this season unless one of the other teams suddenly improve. 

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