Mayor of Zandvoort delighted with Grand Prix: "This is amazing!"

14-05-2019 12:52
by Nicolás Quarles van Ufford
Mayor of Zandvoort delighted with Grand Prix: This is amazing!

Niek Meijer, the mayor of Zandvoort, has expressed his happiness with the announcement of the town's circuit being added to the Formula 1 calendar, as Meijer thinks it's "amazing" for both Zandvoort and the country of the Netherlands.

Earlier today, Zandvoort was finally confirmed to be replacing the Spanish Grand Prix on the F1 calendar from next season onwards after months of speculation and reports.

Meijer, who's been Zandvoort's mayor since 2017, played a big part in allowing the race to come to the beachside circuit, and is over the moon that it's finally been made official.

"This is extraordinary," he told Dutch journalist Helene Hendriks.

"We have a unique position, a unique combination of people that have found each other. That's why I can stand here as a proud mayor. All the people behind the scenes and on the track have done an incredible job.

"This is very good for the Netherlands. This is the Grand Prix of the Netherlands, location: Zandvoort. This is amazing."

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