Red Bull's "aerodynamic solution" set to arrive for Spanish Grand Prix

06-05-2019 08:37 | Updated: 06-05-2019 15:30
by Matt Gretton
Red Bull's aerodynamic solution set to arrive for Spanish Grand Prix

Red Bull is expecting to remove their cornering troubles ready for the Spanish Grand Prix this coming weekend. Helmut Marko has been promised the solution will solve the problems.

Mercedes, in particular, has been very fast in the corners this season. While a lot of attention is on Honda, Red Bull admit their aerodynamics aren't perfect either. But according to Helmut Marko, all aerodynamic problems will be solved.

“We have the aerodynamic solution with us in Barcelona. It is promised that this will completely solve the problem," Marko told Auto Motor und Sport.

But what is the problem?

“We used to be able to influence the air flow with the front wing. By placing small wings on the front wing, the air was pushed aside as it were. Now the simpler front wings no longer allow that, so that the air comes directly against the wheels. The more air there is, the greater the loss of time," explains Andy Green ( Racing Point technical director ). This effect is most noticeable in slow bends.

Ahead of the Chinese Grand Prix, Red Bull brought in a new front wing. While it didn't completely resolve the issue, it did help according to Christian Horner.

"[Faster] in all corners just as fast as Mercedes, apart from one," Horner said after the race.

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