Max Verstappen "doesn't see the benefit" of extra point for fastest lap

01-05-2019 15:39
by Louis Shaw
Max Verstappen doesn't see the benefit of extra point for fastest lap

Max Verstappen has criticised the new Formula 1 rule which sees the driver with the fastest lap gain an extra championship point. Charles Leclerc was able to pit for a new set of tyres without losing a position and was then able to get the fastest lap with the fresh tyres and lighter fuel load. The Dutchman does not like the rule and believes it only suits the top teams. 

“The problem is that most of the time [in] the top three teams, one of their cars will have an issue at one point or is just a bit slower and they can always then pit because the gap behind is so big,” Verstappen told reporters after the race.

“It just makes the gap to the teams behind even bigger if you keep adding a point to the top teams.

“I don’t see the benefit of it because, as soon as one of the top two is taking the point, the guy in sixth is pitting too and that particular team is not getting the point.”

Due to Mercedes' dominance, teams have been desperate to pick up any extra points that they can and perhaps Verstappen is just disappointed that it hasn't been him picking up the extra point. 

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