Max Verstappen says there is "nothing magical" about Sebastian Vettel

23-04-2019 15:20
by Louis Shaw
Max Verstappen says there is nothing magical about Sebastian Vettel

Max Verstappen has said that he doesn't think Sebastian Vettel is a "magical driver" but respects the fact that he has won multiple World titles. Verstappen has named a number of drivers who he believes are faster than Vettel and the 21-year-old says that he is happy to prove himself racing against his teammates. 

"I've always thought that Vettel is a good driver because otherwise, you won't win four world titles," Verstappen told La Gazzetta Dello Sport."However, I never thought he was magical.

"That's partly because Daniel Ricciardo managed to beat him at Red Bull and now comes confirmation with Leclerc, which also makes it very difficult for him."

Verstappen likes the idea of racing alongside Leclerc. 

"If there is ever the chance that Leclerc and I can become teammates, I will certainly accept that challenge," said Verstappen.

"That also applies to Hamilton, he has already won five world titles, but I don't care."

Verstappen continues to assert himself and it seems that he wants the opportunity to race alongside the best in the sport so that he can prove himself. 

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