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Flavio Briatore slams Ferrari: Mercedes will continue to dominate

Flavio Briatore slams Ferrari: "Mercedes will continue to dominate"

23-04-2019 12:55

Former F1 team boss Flavio Briatore believes that Ferrari has been not been truly competitive for the past number of seasons. The Italian said that Ferrari has been having the same issues for years and that he can not see the team catching up with Mercedes. Briatore believes that Binotto is not the right man to take charge of Ferrari and that Mercedes is destined to dominate. 

“What’s wrong with Ferrari? It’s nothing new,” Briatore told Italian broadcaster La 7. “The car has been slow for eight years.”

“With Binotto, they run the risk of not having a fully dedicated boss and also becoming lost in the technical area.”

Briatore believes that Ferrari has not developed fat enough to keep up with its main rival. 

“Nothing has changed compared to last year,” he said. “They have not reduced the gap to Mercedes. The usual repertoire of excuses already started in the first race.

“Mercedes will continue to dominate.”

Briatore's brutal appraisal of Ferrari is arguably relatively accurate. The team will hope that they can fix the issues they are having with the car and bounce back to be the championship-winning team that they used to be. 

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