Binotto looking to "unlock" Ferrari's "very strong" potential

F1 News

20 April at 08:30
  • Bobby Vincent

Ferrari team boss Mattia Binotto believes the Italian side still have a "very strong" potential that needs to be unlocked, and it is possible to catch up to Mercedes following the world champion's dominant start to the season.

Mercedes have endured its best-ever beginning to the season - finishing with three successive one-twos - but Ferrari were well-ahead in Bahrain before an engine failure messed Charles Leclerc's chances of winning up.

The Silver Arrows' corner-taking has been excellent, and Valtteri Bottas has come into some real form, alongside the five-time world champion of Lewis Hamilton.

"We know where the limits of our car are and these limits may be emphasised in some circuits compared to others," the Ferrari team boss admitted to Sky Sports F1.

Binotto said the difference in the opening race of the season in Australia was huge between the top two teams, but in pre-season testing in Barcelona, as well as Bahrain and China, the difference was the expected amount.

"Australia was certainly an exception, where the difference was very high and very big," Binotto added. "Otherwise, between Barcelona, Bahrain and China, the difference was a few-tenths, very few-tenths; and that's what you may expect between two cars which are both very strong and very similar in some respects.

"The key will be to develop the car such that we are making it even stronger in the future."