Leclerc believes his driving style is "very different" to Vettel's

20-04-2019 08:00 | Updated: 20-04-2019 08:00
by Bobby Vincent
Leclerc believes his driving style is very different to Vettel's

Ferrari driver Charles Leclerc believes his driving style is "very different" to that of his new team-mate, Sebastian Vettel's.

All that has been talked about in the Formula 1 world since the 1,000th race in China last weekend, is the team orders made by Ferrari to Leclerc demanding he let Vettel through.

The German thought he had the quicker car - so, he passed Leclerc, much to the Monegasque driver's reluctance and disgust. Speaking in an interview, the new Ferrari driver believes his driving approach is "very different" to Vettel's.

It's just Leclerc's second season in motorsport's most elite competition - whereas Vettel is much more experienced and even has four world titles to his name in a prestigious career.

"Seb and I, from Barcelona (pre-season testing), we have two very different driving styles," Leclerc admitted. "So, we require some changes on the car and some slightly different balance.

"I won't go too much in detail with this but we don't require exactly the same car obviously."

It has seemed in recent weeks, that Leclerc probably has the more powerful car out of the two - with Australia coming to mind.

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