Brundle: "Seven titles is achievable and perhaps a hundred wins" for Hamilton

18-04-2019 19:20
by Matt Gretton
Brundle: Seven titles is achievable and perhaps a hundred wins for Hamilton

Martin Brundle expects Lewis Hamilton to be lifting his seventh world championship in just a few years. The Sky Sports pundit and commentator believes Hamilton can reach 100 race wins after an excellent start to the 2019 Formula 1 season.

Since 2014, Hamilton has won half of the all the races, a feat achieved with 20 opponents. In terms of dominance, first it was Michael Schumacher with Ferrari, then Red Bull and Sebastian Vettel, now it's Mercedes and Hamilton.

“Looking back to the Red Bull era, when Sebastian won four world titles. Lewis was a bit dismissive and constantly shouted that he had the best car, which is, of course, funny when you consider what Lewis has had in the last five years," Brundle emphasized to F1 Racing.

"If Mercedes continues on the same footing, chances are that in a few years we will look at Lewis' seventh world title and perhaps his hundredth victory," says Brundle.

Hamilton's win in China was his 75th Grand Prix victory.

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