Max Verstappen: "No one could expect that we would participate immediately"

17-04-2019 16:20
by Matt Gretton
Max Verstappen: No one could expect that we would participate immediately

Max Verstappen insists neither he or the team expected Red Bull to be pushing for race wins at the start of the season. This is despite the fact that Helmut Marko said they would make Verstappen the youngest Formula 1 world champion. A feat they must achieve by December 2020.

After the first three races of the season, it's clear the Red Bull lacks something. The young Dutchman believes the RB15 requires more downforce.

“In general we can be satisfied with the start. Nobody could expect that we would immediately participate for victories, that is also not realistic. We have a new engine supplier, so it just takes time," said Verstappen to Motorsport.

“I am very satisfied with Honda. Power can always be better, but they know that too. We cannot complain, and the car itself can also be improved enough. We have to find even more downforce and look for a constant balance in the competition."

"We just have to maximize what we have now, and we have done an excellent job so far," the Dutchman finally said.

Despite the negativity, Red Bull has managed to step on the podium in 2019, and Verstappen is the third best driver in the drivers' standings.

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