Christian Horner says "our goal is to reduce the gap to the leaders"

15-04-2019 10:21
by Louis Shaw
Christian Horner says our goal is to reduce the gap to the leaders

At the start of the Formula 1 season Red Bull's Helmut Marko said that the team wanted to win at least five races throughout the season. Christian Horner has said that this is an unrealistic target and that instead the team should focus on closing the gap between themselves and the top teams. 

“We all know that Helmut is an optimist," Horner said to Grand PX News.“The truth is that we have no target for the number of wins. Our goal is to reduce the gap to the leaders,

“We all want to achieve maximum competitiveness as quickly as possible.”

In China Pierre Gasly had a better weekend and looked more comfortable in the car. 

“I think we saw Pierre have an easier weekend, even if he’s not completely comfortable,” said Horner. “He is now in the process of adjusting his style to correspond to the characteristics of the car, but there is already progress in that.

“We saw him do the fastest lap in the race so hopefully that will give him some confidence,” Horner added.

Red Bull will hope that they can slowly continue to improve and that they become a genuine threat to Ferrari and Mercedes in the next few races. 

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