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Toto Wolff says Mercedes near perfect points tally is not the full story

Toto Wolff says Mercedes near perfect points tally is not "the full story"

09-04-2019 18:13 Last update: 18:25

Toto Wolff realises that despite only being one point of the maximum possible points so far this season, they are in a competitive season. The Mercedes boss knows that had it not been for Ferraris mistake then they would not have got the one-two in Bahrain. 

"Two races into the 2019 season, it may seem like we're in a strong position," said Wolff in the team's China Grand Prix preview."We have 87 points, just one below the maximum score. But the constructors' standings do not tell the full story.

"The truth is that we weren't as quick as our direct competitors throughout qualifying and the race in Bahrain.

"The Ferrari was considerably faster on the straights and this added up to several tenths around one lap.

"Nevertheless, the saying goes that 'in order to finish first, first you have to finish' and the combination of solid performances from the team, reliability of our systems and a strong drive from our drivers secured us the one-two."

Mercedes know that they have had one lucky weekend already and that competition will be tough in China this weekend.