Honda look to win a race by the summer

25-03-2019 10:33
by Louis Shaw
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Honda look to win a race by the summer

Honda boss Masashi Yamamoto has said that he hopes for Honda to win their first race with Red Bull by the summer. The Honda - Red Bull relationship has started well this season with Max Verstappen getting on the podium in their first race. They will hope that they can build on this performance and have targetted five race wins by the end of the season. 

"Now we have a situation that we can try to express how Honda tries to win," Yamamoto said to"We hope to make it come true, maybe by around the summer. Hopefully, we wish to. We have now a chance to show our philosophy towards winning."

"We're not trying to make the expectation low," said Yamamoto. "But racing is the result, what matters is the result. We can see everything in the result.

"We have to pile up the technology and performance towards the race."

He added: "Our honest feeling is that we haven't reached the level of Ferrari and Mercedes as a PU.

"We have to go beyond [the current level]."

"In terms of Red Bull, they are a top team: good drivers, management and chassis. [So] we have to make a good engine as Honda.

"If we can do that, we think we can walk the path towards winning with Red Bull. That's what we have to do." 

They will hope that they can continue to perform like this and get back to the top of Formula 1. 

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