Villeneuve critical of Kubica's F1 return

24-03-2019 17:43 | Updated: 24-03-2019 17:55
by Joseph Tyrrell
Villeneuve critical of Kubica's F1 return

Jacques Villeneuve believes Robert Kubica’s return to Formula 1, eight years after his near-fatal rally accident is bad for the sport, describing it a “terrible” just a week after the Polish driver finished last at the Australian Grand Prix.

Kubica qualified last and finished P17 last of the drivers that completed the race, even being beaten by his rookie teammate, George Russell. He hadn’t raced in F1 since 2008 after he was seriously injured at the Ronde di Andora rally in 2011.

Many believe Kubica’s return has been a fairytale and Villeneuve accepted the great achievement but wasn’t pleased with it in sporting terms.

“It is of course a great achievement that Kubica has returned after so many years, really unbelievable,” the Canadian said in an interview on Formule1.

“I think it's terrible, this is not good for the sport.

“Formula 1 should be the pinnacle of racing, it's the king class.

“Then it is not good for the sport if someone with a disability, because it is, can participate.

“Formula 1 must be heavy, must be difficult and almost unreachable.

“Roberts return is not the right message,” added Villeneuve.

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