Australian Grand Prix changes could be made against drivers wishes

21-03-2019 13:35
by Jake Williams-Smith
Australian Grand Prix changes could be made against drivers wishes

The Albert Park circuit could be set to undergo a resurfacing in the next one or two years in spite of drivers protesting against any changes.

Although overtaking is deemed very difficult around the sweeping street circuit, Sebastian Vettel and Lewis Hamilton spoke out in support of the track, adding that the bumps added character and challenge to the circuit, something resurfacing the job could take away.

According to Australian Grand Prix Corporation chief Andrew Westacott, a resurfacing of the Albert Park circuit could take place in the "next year or two", adding that F1 managing director Ross Brawn would be consulted on any potential changes.

"We will have to get the report back from [stand-in race director for the Australian Grand Prix] Michael Masi, but I think we will be resurfacing in the next year or two," he explained Melbourne newspaper, The Age.

"As the cars keep evolving we will do what we can to evolve the circuit Ross Brawn will also be consulted but no call will be made for six or nine months," said Westacott."

Reigning world champion Hamilton believes that any changes that would be made to the track surface would be a disappointing change.

"I like the track the way it is. I think it's a great circuit because there are not particularly massive run-off areas.

"If you put a wheel wrong, it generally does bite you which is great and how it should be. The bumps are part of the character of what Melbourne is so if you were to iron those out it would lose a lot of…you know, it does make it trickier for us but that's a part of it, you need that."

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