Brundle says 'I'd never seen Bernie cry, and never thought I would'

19-03-2019 14:08
by Louis Shaw
Brundle says 'I'd never seen Bernie cry, and never thought I would'

The Australian Grand Prix was a grim experience for all those involved in Formula 1. Charlie Whiting was a much-respected member of the racing community and his passing was a surprise to everyone. In his summary of the Australian Grand Prix, Martin Brundle has revealed how much of an important figure Whiting was.  

"Charlie was omnipresent at the track," said Brundle in his piece for Sky Sports. "Very little got underway without his official say so. He was master of the track and all sporting and technical procedures. 'Ask Charlie' was a common phrase for everyone."

"He commanded total respect throughout F1, and in every country's motorsport jurisdiction we landed at in any given season. Whilst not everyone agreed with every decision he made, far from it sometimes, we all knew that he was the calm, consistent control that benefited us all in the end."

"Whether it was power brokers like Bernie Ecclestone, Max Mosley and Jean Todt, or the team bosses, drivers, and media, he was respected and listened to. The young drivers were as cut up as Bernie was in our Sky F1 obituary. I've never seen Bernie cry, and never thought I would."

It will be impossible to replace Charlie Whiting. The respect that the drivers had for him will never be matched and Formula 1 has lost a true great. 

Moon Mack +70 19-03-2019 16:46
RIP Charlie ,how's the new guy doing?
Eileen Murray +0 20-03-2019 10:59
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