Steiner wanted to show his real side for Netflix series

13-03-2019 11:35
by Bevan Youl
Steiner wanted to show his real side for Netflix series

Haas team boss Guenther Steiner felt it was necessary to show his real side for the Formula 1 Netflix series ‘Drive to Survive’.

Many fans of the series have highlighted Steiners outbursts and foul-mouthed rants on the pit wall, team radio and phone calls from the series.
The reason for this is that he didn’t think it would be right to water down himself just for the sake of the film.
Steiner said (quoted by "I was OK with it, If they want to make something you have to be real, otherwise what are we making?

"I think the people who did it, they were very good. I mean you could immediately see they knew what they were doing, what they wanted.

"They wanted the real thing, and they were very clever about it, how to get a real thing.

"And that is what they should be, because in the end to make a bad movie there is no point, because then we lose fans.

"For me it's like helping it along. If people see it and we get more fans and people watching it, it's what we all want. So again, I was just myself."

In the series Daniel Ricciardo had let the film crew go behind the scenes in his home in Perth and Monaco, feeling Netflix had done a successful job in showing what people in F1 are like.

"Whenever people are getting more personal information about you or being a fly on the wall and coming out to Perth or your apartment in Monaco and actually seeing your surroundings, you want to be comfortable with the people behind the camera running the project," he said.

"They were always respectful, and it was always on our terms which was good. So that was just important, that you get on with the people behind it.

"I would definitely encourage people not to watch it on their iPhone but on a proper screen. I am curious to know how it is going to turn out.

"It is weird seeing yourself on camera. I see myself behind the wheel of a car but you sound different when you hear yourself talk.

"I think it is going to be cool, just generally, not just for me but also F1, to have more of a presence like that.

"So someone in a small town in the States or wherever they are in the world, they can watch it and get an actual understanding of a bit more about the sport. So that is really good for F1 globally."

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