Rosberg believes that Hamilton 'has more natural talent than Michael Schumacher'

12-03-2019 10:00 | Updated: 12-03-2019 10:04
by Louis Shaw
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Rosberg believes that Hamilton 'has more natural talent than Michael Schumacher'

Former World Champion Nico Rosberg has claimed that Lewis Hamilton is a more naturally talented driver than Michael Schumacher. Rosberg is in a great position to discuss the talents of the two drivers as he has driven alongside them both during his time at Mercedes. Rosberg knows the talents that both drivers had and has opened up on the difference between them. 

"Lewis probably has a bit more natural talent than Michael, Lewis has one of the greatest natural talents our sport has ever seen, so he makes the difference," he told Germany's Auto Motor und Sport when asked to compare his two former team-mates.

"In terms of work ethic, Schumacher was something else [whereas] things come very easily to Lewis naturally. Instinct, natural talent. Michael was the complete package."

"The first thought with Michael Schumacher? A little bit scared. Can I even compete?" he revealed when asked about driving alongside the Formula 1 great.

"Michael was a warrior. Every day after getting up, he would think: How do I make my teammate small?

"When I finally got the better of Michael, then came Lewis. At least I knew him from go-karts. He was not as alien to me as Michael."

Lewis Hamilton will aim to step closer to Schumacher's World Championship record by trying to win his sixth title this season. 


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