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Carey wants a sport that is inviting to all

Carey wants a sport that is "inviting to all"

07-03-2019 16:52

Liberty Media are yet to truly make their mark on Formula 1 and motorsport but one thing they are taking the initiative with is getting more women participating at the top end of motorsport this is according to F1 CEO Chase Carey.

Liberty aren’t set to make their first set of big changes until 2021 but following the news that Tatiana Calderon would drive for Alfa Romeo as a test driver this year as well as compete in Formula 2 this year, the prospects of seeing a female driver in the pinnacle of motorsport appears much more realistic.

Speaking at the Geneva International Motor Show Carey said: “Second, we want to continue to emphasise that Formula 1 is a sport for everyone.

“That means continuing to emphasise opportunities for females on and off the track and continue to expand as a global sport in every part of the world.

“We want to be a sport that continues to exude mystique and glamour, yet one that at the same time is open inviting to all.”

Carey also wanted to emphasise the importance of a greener future: “We’ll continue to invest in opportunities to further reduce carbon emissions and other initiatives to be at the forefront of road-relevant technology.”

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