Williams blame regulation changes for delayed start to 2019 testing

06-03-2019 15:18
by Matt Gretton
Williams blame regulation changes for delayed start to 2019 testing

Williams failed to make it out on track in Barcelona for the first two and a half days of testing. Claire Williams puts some of the blame on the late switch to the 2019 regulations.

During the second week of testing, Williams put on a respectable show, allowing them to partly catch-up on lost time. The deputy team principal didn't pinpoint the exact reasoning behind the delay but suggested the regulations were part of the problem.

“There were some technical directives that did come out relatively late that didn’t help,” said Williams.

“It doesn’t help a team like ours where we don’t have the additional budget and therefore resource to throw at something if it comes in late. We’ve got a very tight plan with very stringently-controlled budgets to affect that plan and if something was to be thrown in at the last minute," she told FormulaSpy.

“You’ve then got to find additional resource to either do a U-turn or whatever you have to do in order to facilitate that change. So there were a few incidents like that. You can’t predict that, but you should certainly plan for it and make contingency plans.”

Despite the delays, Williams continues to state that proceedings are running on time.

“Those programmes are currently on target. Obviously, work is going on for chassis two and three to get those three chassis there for Melbourne, and have the spares we need," she added.

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