Pirelli reveals tyre selection for Australian Grand Prix

05-03-2019 11:20
by Jake Williams-Smith
Pirelli reveals tyre selection for Australian Grand Prix

Pirelli has revealed the tyre compounds it will be bringing to the season-opening race in Melbourne for the Australian Grand Prix.

Compounds C2, C3 and C4 will be used, with C4 being the softest compound available of the three compounds.

For 2019, Pirelli has ditched the old naming convention which ranged from hypersoft to superhard and included seven different dry weather compounds. This season this selection has been reduced to just five compounds with the naming convention switching to soft, medium and hard.

While the tyres will be known as soft, medium and hard on a race weekend, the exact compound of those tyres can range from C1 to C5 and this selection will be made clear to teams prior to the race.

All three top teams have selected to bring nine sets of the C4 soft compound to Melbourne but Charles Leclerc will have one extra set of the hard compound and one less medium set compared to his closest rivals.

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