Williams are better than last year says Lowe

04-03-2019 18:47
by Louis Shaw
Williams are better than last year says Lowe

Paddy Lowe has said that Williams have made significant progress in terms of their development for the start of the season. Despite missing a few days of winter testing, Williams fans should be optimistic that things could be better than last season. 

Lowe feels that the team has made “a huge step forward in terms of the platform.”

“A car that is far more driveable, a car that you can work with from a driving point of view, you can control your management of tyre, you can control the balance and pace, was definitely not a description we could have given about last year’s car,” Lowe said to Motorsport.com.

“So that is very encouraging.”

Lowe highlighted consistency of performance as one of the main factors that has led to an increase in results. 

"Something where you turn into a corner and you know what’s going to happen because it happened last time,” he said. “This is one of the key aspects that has been improved very considerably.”

It pained Formula 1 fans to see Williams at the bottom of the grid last year. It seems that structures are in place to ensure that 2019 is more successful. 

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