Lowe: Kubica has made some 'encouraging comments' about the car

28-02-2019 17:16
by Louis Shaw
Lowe: Kubica has made some 'encouraging comments' about the car

Paddy Lowe believes that Robert Kubica thinks that Williams has made some solid progression. Despite missing a few days of testing last week it seems that the drivers are encouraged by the changes that the team have made since last season.  

Williams chief technical director, Lowe, believes that they have created a much more solid platform for their 2019 car and that that base is something they can build from. 

“Robert has some very encouraging comments on the qualities of the car,” said Lowe to RaceFans.

“He feels that we’ve made a huge step forward in terms of the platform, so a car that is far more driveable, a car that you can work with from a driving point of view. You can control your management of tyres, you can control the balance and the pace, which was definitely not a description you could have given about last year’s car. So that’s very encouraging."

Williams are not saying that their car will be quick but instead that they will have the ability to improve. 

“It doesn’t talk about speed but at least it’s a platform," Lowe said. "Given that that was one of our major objectives over the winter was to design and implement a process within our engineering that would make cars with better properties and then go and deliver those better properties, that’s that’s a good step for us and a much better foundation from which to move forward to the next stage.”


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