Three things to look out for during the second week of testing in Barcelona

25-02-2019 17:37
by Matt Gretton
Three things to look out for during the second week of testing in Barcelona

The second and final week of pre-season testing begins on Tuesday. As the first Grand Prix of the season is now on the horizon, teams and drivers will start to turn it up as we move through the four days. We still won't get to see an accurate representation of the standings, but here are three things to look out for!

Will Williams manage to catch up?

Williams will need to get out on track this week. After the team announced they were going to miss one day of testing, George Russell tweeted: "It's only 10 more laps per day".

It turned out Williams missed two full days and had limited running at the back end of the first week. 87 laps recorded between Russell and Robert Kubica. Sebastian Vettel almost achieved that tally twice on the opening day. As was the case last season, the car seems to be miles off the pace. The British team really need some good news to take to Australia.

Mercedes hiding their pace

The timesheets look strange when you see Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas' name mid-table. Don't expect the Silver Arrows to turn it up to the max until Q3 in Australia. They are masters at hiding their own pace, and there's no reason to be alarmed at their position this coming week.

Last week, Ferrari were cruising at the top of the ladder and expect to do so again this week. If the usual happens, don't be fooled. Unless Toto Wolff and the other Mercedes crew members start to look really flustered.

Will Red Bull match Ferrari?

Helmut Marko insists Red Bull are ahead of Mercedes, but two-tenths down on Ferrari. He promises the team, with chassis tweaks, will equal Ferrari by the time they take to the track in Australia.

So will he be proven right? We might not find the answer exactly, but last week rumours suggested the Honda engine was turned down to avoid vibrations. We should be able to see if the Honda will be close to Ferrari and Mercedes by Friday evening.

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