Statistics from week 1: Honda engine can compete

24-02-2019 08:05
by Matt Gretton
Statistics from week 1: Honda engine can compete

After just one week of testing, the lap times alone aren't going to indicate who's on top, and who's struggling. But different statistics can give us a little flavour of what to expect in the opening part of the 2019 season. Here at GP blog, we take you through the important figures collected from week one!

Mercedes maintain reliability levels as Honda impress

Again, Mercedes top the list for the most number of laps recorded over the week. Just behind them are Ferrari but perhaps more eye-catching is the number of laps Red Bull and Toro Rosso made. A few years ago with McLaren, well the car hardly got out on track.

Meanwhile, Williams is really struggling. They missed the opening two days of testing, and when finally in Barcelona things didn't go smoothly. What is going on at Williams?

1. Mercedes - 610 laps
2. Ferrari - 598 laps
3. Alfa Romeo 507 laps
4. Toro Rosso 482 laps
5. Red Bull 475 laps
6. McLaren 445 laps
7. Renault 433 laps
8. Haas 383 laps
9. Racing Point 248 laps
10. Williams - 88 laps

Ferrari engine gathers the most data

Ferrari, with three teams running their engine throughout the week, picked up more information than anyone in the engine department. Mercedes would have been ahead of Honda had it not been for the troubled Williams.

1. Ferrari 1489 laps with three teams
2. Honda 957 with two teams
3. Mercedes 946 laps with three teams
4. Renault 878 laps with two teams

Average number of laps per engine

1. Ferrari 496 laps
2. Honda 479 laps
3. Renault 439 laps
4. Mercedes 429 laps

Mercedes wasn't helped with Williams and also Racing Point dragging their statistics down giving an inaccurate representation of their score. However, the Honda engine is right up there with Ferrari, which shows Honda's reliability is certainly better and closer to the top. But then again...this might not have been running at full power. We'll just have to wait and see!

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