RUMOUR: Red Bull unable to run full Honda power due to power unit vibrations

20-02-2019 11:15
by Jake Williams-Smith
RUMOUR: Red Bull unable to run full Honda power due to power unit vibrations

Testing is well underway in Barcelona as the teams work out their new 2019 cars but an issue may have already arisen at Red Bull. According to some early rumours, the team is unable to run full power due to vibrations caused by the power unit.

According to ex-McLaren engineer Marc Priestley, the RB15 is currently dealing with a power unit issue caused by the level of vibrations caused by the team's new Honda power unit.

If the rumour is true, it has left Max Verstappen and Pierre Gasly down on power compared to their rivals and in need of a fix as the Red Bull team continues to get to grips with their new power unit partner.

A rumour that has existed for a while, both McLaren and Toro Rosso have reportedly had to deal with the same kind of issue in the past and it seems as though the Japanese manufacturer has been unable to find a fix to their problem.

While it is early in the season right now the team will be hoping the issue can be fixed before they arrive in Melbourne for the season opener next month. 

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Charles Clement +91 20-02-2019 13:16
I don't believe Honda can't fix a vibration.
Fenech Abraham +51 20-02-2019 15:09
If the Honda PU's vibrate Claire Williams might be interested in them for her team eventually...
McSerb +72 20-02-2019 15:56
Good. The relationship with Honda ruined McLaren; three years of misery. Getting it right with Red Bull would have added insult to injury. Now let Marko sweat it out ! He took plenty of jabs at McLaren over the winter so let him see that payback can be a bitch.
Simon Saivil +56 20-02-2019 18:41
As far as that old goat Marko goes I wish all sorts of problems on the team. On the other hand for the sake of Kvyat I wish them spectacular success.
Mike Martin +22 20-02-2019 18:53
According to Marko, Verstappen, and Horner, they might have vibrations but they are their vibrations and they are twice as good as the vibrations from Renault.
Peter Geran +5 21-02-2019 06:25
That goes back to the 1960's. Beach Boys " Good Vibrations "
Ward Paterson +102 20-02-2019 21:58
The vibe issue has been around for a while.. surprised they havent fixed it yet... LOL!!
IvyFoster +0 28-02-2019 13:59

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