Horner against labeling Brexit as a 'nightmare' for F1

19-02-2019 17:09
by Louis Shaw
Horner against labeling Brexit as a 'nightmare' for F1

Red Bull boss Christian Horner is against calls of a 'doomsday' Brexit and it's impact on Formula 1. Earlier this week Mercedes boss Toto Wolff described a no deal Brexit as a 'nightmare' for the sport but Horner thinks that it is impossible to make any claims in the uncertainty of the situation. 

The UK is currently without a Brexit deal with the EU and are set to leave without a deal on March the 29th. Many businesses are concerned and worried about the future and Toto Wolff is worried about the impact it could have on Formula 1. 

However, Christian Horner believes that it is hard to predict anything as there is much uncertainty. 

“Obviously as a team, we do our due diligence, but whether there is a no deal, any deal, we will have to deal with it. Life ultimately will go on,” Horner said to Crash.net.

“I think it’s important that we get to a conclusion sooner rather than later to get rid of all the uncertainty because it’s unsettling for so many aspects.

“I think Brexit is something that really does need to be addressed, for the clarity of everybody, sooner rather than later.”

The UK is still in negotiations and we will have to see what happens. 

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