Renault in a rush to get car ready for testing

12-02-2019 16:08
by Louis Shaw
Renault in a rush to get car ready for testing

Renault boss Cyril Abiteboul has admitted that his team are under significant pressure to make sure that their car is ready for testing. Having revealed their new car today, Renault has until the 18th as that is when winter testing begins in Barcelona. 

"It's super tight," said Abiteboul, when asked by about how behind the team are with the car. "But we still have good reason to believe that we will be able to test.

"If I share a little bit of a secret, we are due to do a shakedown on Saturday, during a filming day, and that may or may not take place as we speak."

"Sometimes we are vocal about the late change of regulation and this is the harsh reality of that late change of regulations," he said. "I believe that we are not the only team to be in that situation."

Abiteboul went on to explain why his team were a little behind schedule:

"We know that there is a direct connection between the time you are spending in the wind tunnel and how competitive you are," he said.

"We need to be constantly flirting with the red line, but we have maybe gone a bit over the red line. That is why my thoughts really are with production.

"We are massively working to get the parts ready for us to get them out of the door for us to be ready and testing."

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