Claire Williams: 'Frank would fire me if he had not liked it'

12-02-2019 09:44
by Matt Gretton
Claire Williams: 'Frank would fire me if he had not liked it'

Claire Williams claims she would have been fired if her father, Sir Frank Williams, didn't like the ice-blue design. On Monday, Williams revealed their new livery to the world.

Along with a new partnership with telecommunications company ROKiT, Williams changed their logo and moved away from their traditional navy-and-white scheme.

In an interview with the BBC, the deputy team principal talks about her nervy conversation with Frank Williams.

"Frank loved it, and you might be surprised to hear that. I was a little nervous presenting it. He is fully behind it. I am still here, and if he didn't like it, he would have fired me," she said.

Williams, who had a disastrous 2018, believe the new deal will boost the team with the additional funding. Last season, Martini confirmed they were pulling out.

"We are telling the world a very clear story and clear message as to where we are as a company. Frank is very protective of the traditional navy blue and white, but also understanding of the arguments behind the change," she added.

"It is important to try and build a great relationship with the team and show what I can do on track as well as behind the scenes. The help I have had from Mercedes and Lewis has been mainly listening and learning.

"Lewis goes out there to work on every aspect and really build that team around him, which is why he and Mercedes are so strong. That is what I want to do here."

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