Toro Rosso: "The whole rear of the new car comes from Red Bull"

12-02-2019 08:31
by Matt Gretton
Toro Rosso: The whole rear of the new car comes from Red Bull

On Monday afternoon, the Toro Rosso team released images of their car for the upcoming season. Yesterday, they reported it was the closest car to Red Bull's, and now they've confirmed the whole rear is identical.

Joy Egginton, deputy technical director of Toro Rosso, told SpeedWeek how the team is working in full cooperation with Red Bull.

"Nothing has changed with regard to the design process. However, there are fewer variables, and I see this as an opportunity. If there are certain developments, we can focus on other areas to improve the performance of the car."

"For example, when the powertrain is in place, we have more time for the chassis, such as the way the tank and radiator are integrated. The chassis was completely developed by Toro Rosso, as well as the front suspension and the cooling."

"However, the back of the car comes from Red Bull Technology and that is the biggest change for us. It is our job to adapt the back of Red Bull to the chassis. We get parts that have proven themselves on the track, and we also have room for other things on top of that."

"We see a big advantage in the synergy with Red Bull," concluded Egginton.

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