Marko: "I wouldn't want Verstappen and Vettel on the same team"

10-02-2019 15:00 | Updated: 11-02-2019 08:07
by Nicolás Quarles van Ufford
Marko: I wouldn't want Verstappen and Vettel on the same team

Sebastian Vettel hasn't had the best year in 2018 for Ferrari, nor did he in 2017, and it doesn't seem like a comeback to his old team is on the cards as the moment, as Red Bull Racing advisor Dr Helmut Marko revealed he doesn't think Vettel would work with Max Verstappen.

The 75-year-old Austrian doesn't think a dream team of Vettel and Verstappen would work in reality, even though the two drivers are two of the best drivers on the grid.

"It would be an amazing combination based on their qualities, but I don't think it would be wise," Marko told to

"I wouldn't be able to stand in the garage calmly. 

"You want to have two drivers who can get the most out of each other, but who don't drive each other mad. With Ricciardo it was always a good match, but I'm not sure Vettel and Verstappen would be a good duo."

When asked how his bond is with Vettel, who won four championships with Red Bull at the start of the decade, Marko remained positive.

"Of course our bond with Sebastian is good. He's done brilliantly here and he's brought Red Bull enormous successes. Besides, he still walks around with a Red Bull can even though we don't pay him," Marko said with a smile, who did add a switch to Red Bull wouldn't be on in the near future.

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