Verstappen will get three Aston Martin's as company cars

10-02-2019 13:02
by Nicolás Quarles van Ufford
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Verstappen will get three Aston Martin's as company cars

There are good sides of being an F1 driver, Max Verstappen has proven here once again, as the Dutchman is set to receive three different Aston Martins as company cars in the near future.

Verstappen currently gets around in his DB11, but he'll be swapping that for a brand-new Vantage, which sells for around 200.000 pounds. 

"I've driven it around on the track, it's very fun," the 21-year-old told Top Gear.

In a year's time, he'll be swapping that Aston in yet again - he'll get the DBS Superleggera, which retails for around 350.000 pounds.

"That has to be my favourite from the three cars. It handles well and has a lot of horsepower, I was impressed when I got to test drive it in England."

It doesn't end there. The Dutchman will get yet another upgrade after a year of the DBS to get the ultimate Aston - the Aston Martin Valkyrie. That one will retail for around two and a half million pounds. "Aston are busy testing it right now, so I can't say when it'll be out. We'll see when it's time."

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